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UK Dentistry is a Strange Industry but One of Community #9/30

What a statement to ponder over in 9 years of being in this world, seems so backwards at times in its delivery of patient care and paid activity. There are certainly some colourful characters with superstar clinicians, markets and consultants polarising the landscape at times.

Jamie Wood
2 min readMay 14, 2021


For about 8 years, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you any of these famous names in dentistry, but then the pandemic struck, and zoom webinars were suddenly all the rage. It seems commonplace now to have a zoom webinar but a year ago just wasn’t the norm.

The NHS CDO failed us at many points in the pandemic, with drips of guidance and post-dated SOPs that seem to have been stuck on her desk for 4 weeks before hitting our virtual post boxes.
However, in this time, I found my way to the Extreme Business Academy and a talkative chap, Chris Barrow. So thinking that I had quite a bit of work from home time started watching his tutorials. Some excellent resources, by the way. The marketing course is a favourite of mine as it holds your hand through all stages of the patient journey in a clear way.

After 12 months and over 50 hours of CPD tutorials, I feel like I have achieved a degree education without the crazy high fees. There have been times of feeling lost in which Chris has coached me through to achieving real personal and business successes.

Before the pandemic, I would never have thought of dentistry as actually having a community. I never heard of the CDO, let alone key opinion leaders and other standouts in the dental world.

The Takeaway

from this is that I found myself part of a community in the Extreme Business Academy. It’s not a community I knew existed, wanted or needed. But one I’m now quite proud to be in.



Jamie Wood

Managing Director of East Midlands Orthodontics and Blogger about Business Management in Dentistry and Orthodontics