Burnout is real, and can it sneak up on you very seductively at first until it grabs you in a suffocating chokehold of despair and anxiety. It can be resisted, held back and even overcome.

What happened to me?

My experience of burnout managing a business has come a few times, and when it was at its worst knocked me off my feet, sapped me off all my energy that I could barely open my eyes. Bed rest was unavoidable, yet I still managed my emails, phone calls and…

chalk board drawing showing a man leaping to success or falling to failure

To fear failure is to fear succeeding, for without loss, how do we measure success? Sure we can know we have hit a target or jumped a hurdle. But could we have hit the mark and learned a valuable lesson along the way that might improve our next venture, or could we have jumped the hurdle and cut down our sprint time?

Failing can be painful, physically, emotionally, financially and so on. Failure can have huge costs that stick with us for years, and sometimes we can never recover. But, we have an opportunity here to learn resilience, determination and perseverance. We cannot fully realise these behaviours just from reading a book…

Human Resources Recruitment and People Networking Concept. Modern graphic interface showing professional employee hiring and headhunter seeking interview candidate for future manpower

What a statement to ponder over in 9 years of being in this world, seems so backwards at times in its delivery of patient care and paid activity. There are certainly some colourful characters with superstar clinicians, markets and consultants polarising the landscape at times.

For about 8 years, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you any of these famous names in dentistry, but then the pandemic struck, and zoom webinars were suddenly all the rage. It seems commonplace now to have a zoom webinar but a year ago just wasn’t the norm.


#6/30 When Leadership Teams Disagree What Can Go Wrong?

Leadership Values Misaligned

Many scenarios are acted out daily where team members don’t get on, and it’s up to the line managers to help facilitate smoothing out the problems. Productivity will not be effective as much as it should be, and cracking of whips…

“Treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” This Steven Covey quote from 7 Habits of Highly Successful People made me reconsider how I should be treating my employees for better business growth.

I have not mistreated my employees over the years; far from it, I have always been relatively moderate in my approach to them, neither too passive nor too aggressive, just a bit plain on reflection. I certainly had not thought it correlated towards my management approach with how our customers…

The Nike slogan, “Just Do It,” arguably, is the most famous call to action marketing tagline of all time. Nike Marketing executive Dan Wieden coined the slogan in 1988 for a TV advert. The surprising origin of the motto is a shining example of how powerful words can be to their audience and resonate long after.

Convicted criminal Gray Gilmore uttered the phrase ‘Let’s Do It’ before his firing squad execution in 1977. This confidence in someone about to knowingly die profoundly stuck with Dan Wieden for years to come. The change in word choice from ‘Lets’ to ‘Just’ provokes ownership in the reader.

Changing the…

Jamie Wood

Managing Director of East Midlands Orthodontics and Blogger about Business Management in Dentistry and Orthodontics

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